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transformative coach & mediator


As a kid, I knew a not so happy time. The positive effect of this was that from a young age I was enormously fascinated by people and relationships and dreamed of one day helping children in my situation. Nevertheless, I eventually decided to study languages. However, blood is thicker than water and so I later completed training to become a therapist and a certified mediator in family affairs.  In fact, I never stopped attending trainings, workshops, refreshers and so on. My backpack is now richly filled and I can start any journey with an open mind, without having to pin myself down to one theory or model to explain and/or solve everything. As you can see in my list of trainings, I am very eager to learn :-).

Over the years I came across different frameworks of thought, theories and techniques that taught me a lot. During the Corona lockdown, Michael Neill and Transformative Coaching came on my path, and all the pieces of the puzzle fell into place at once. I am now firmly grounded in three simple principles about the human experience, a powerful shortcut to happiness and inner peace. Its impact on my life is profound: despite some punchy health challenges and trials, I am experiencing unprecedented inner peace and self-confidence. Never before have I had my goals more clearly in mind. It's as if a well of creativity has opened up and I feel a tremendous drive to share the insights I gained with the world.


In addition to my knowledge and skills, over the years my passion for mediation, my fascination with people and relationships and my expertise about divorce and the well-being of children in divorce situations have grown. Whether you call on me as a mediator or as a coach, I always find it a privilege to work with (grand)parents and children before, during and after a divorce.

I look forward to meeting you for an introductory meeting and am eager to share my insights and expertise with you so that you too can experience freedom and well-being, regardless of your circumstances, personality or history.

'travel companion' in conversations about life.

Conversations that connect, deeply touch and awaken, and that help you get the best out of yourself and your relationships

I'm not a teacher, only a fellow traveler of whom you asked the way. I pointed ahead - ahead of myself as well as you.


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