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If you have come to the conclusion that your relationship no longer has a future, and you are faced with the complicated task of making clear arrangements together around your divorce or separation, divorce mediation can be a great leap forward. If you are married and want to divorce by mutual consent, you will legally need to reach an agreement on the division of your assets and on any payments from one spouse to the other. If there are children, you must also determine how you will exercise parental authority, how the residence of the children and the right to personal contact will be organised, and what the contribution of each parent will be to the maintenance, upbringing and education of the children. For those who are not married this legal obligation does not exist, but it's still a good idea to make appropriate arrangements in view of the divorce, especially if there are children.


During mediation, I assist you to dialogue with each other on all these aspects in an effective manner and with respect for each person's truth and emotions, so that together you can come up with the best possible solutions for your situation. I will also provide you with all the information and support you need to help you bring your divorce to a successful conclusion. If desired, the children can also be involved in the mediation process.


I am convinced that any agreement that comes about in this way is the best possible, because you tailor it yourself. This ensures that it forms an excellent basis for managing life after the divorce. The fact that you have gone into mediation together also leads to a better mutual understanding and respect, which certainly contributes to a good relationship once the divorce is a fact.

divorce mediation

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