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  • You are about to get a divorce and cannot agree on the residence arrangements, the upbringing or the finances of the children ...

  • You are already divorced, but the residence arrangement is not going well, you are not communicating or communicating insufficiently about the children, you are experiencing problems around the maintenance, etc ...

  • You are not married to the father/mother of your child and you do not live together (anymore). Still you want to work out a solid parenting agreement in order to have a good connection with your child ...


In all these cases you can opt for parenting mediation to enter into a dialogue with each other in an effective and respectful manner, in search of the best arrangement for all concerned. In the first place you will have conversations with your (ex-)partner, but your children can also be involved in the mediation if you wish.


If desired, you will also receive the appropriate expert information and the necessary support so that you can ultimately reach a satisfactory solution.

parenting mediation

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